What is Myhelptag ?

Personalized medical pendants and sticker which available Anytime, Anywhere

Rely on Myhelptag. We believe that there are good people in this world who want to help others in an emergency.Worried about your loved ones going out by themselves in this unstable world? You can But most of the time, they do not know what to do! Myhelptag is the answer. Myhelptag makes sure that you can be identified and provides your most critical medical history and emergency contact. This way help can be organized immediately.

Access by Choice

Access Myhelptag by scanning or typing.

Every Myhelptag Product comes with 2 access points making it fast and easy for First Responders to access your profile.You can scan QR code by and scanner app or just visit website and enter details.For more details about QR code click here Click Here

Access User Location

Accurate location is very important for finder.

You can get google map location of tag where it has been scanned . So that you will get better idea about place and you will reach faster.

Store Unlimited Information

You have more to say than just a couple of engraved lines. And your health isn't set in brick either. With Myhelptag you can manage your entire medical profile, emergency contact and quickly update it at any time.

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