Myhelptag - Medical ID Steel Tag

₨ 299.00 599.00

  • Free Shipping within India.
  • Customisable to have your name written on the back.
  • Steel tag with Online Emergency Profile.
  • Track location of user who scans your tag.
  • Helpful for people of all ages who travel alone.
  • Works with any mobile QR Scanner app.
  • Link free Online Emergency Profile with the product on our website.
  • Redirects the user who scans the tag directly to your Emergency details. Saving precious time.
  • Easy and Simple way to setup.
  • Durable and stylish with a can be used as bike key/chain tag/bag tag as per your convience.
  • No batteries or electronic component.
  • QR code containing Emergency details,are laser engraved for maximum durability.

Product details

MyHelpTag - Steel Tag is a wearable accessory that hold information about your loved ones such as emergency contact details, blood group, prefered doctor's details. In case of emergency the user can scan the tag and get these information about your loved ones,Which can be very useful for the doctors to help save their life. The person who scans the tag can also share his/her location to provide more accurate details about their location.


  • Steel

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